P+; P1754; p2c; P3L; P4; P6; pa; PABX; PACE; Packard Bell Electronics, Inc.; packed decimal; Packed Encoding Rules; packet; Packet Assembler/Disassembler; packet driver; Packet in Plastic Grid Array; Packet InterNet Groper; packet radio; packet sniffer; packet switch; packet-switched; packet switching; Packet Switch Node; packet writing; PackIt; PACT I; PACTOLUS; PAD; padded cell; Paddle; PAGE; paged; Page Description Language; Paged Memory Management Unit; page fault; page in; pagelet; page mode; Page Mode DRAM; Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory; page out; pager; paging; PaiLisp; pain in the net; Paintbrush; PAISley; PAL; Palace; palette; palmtop; Palo Alto Research Center; Palo Alto Research Centre; PAM; Pandora; panic; PANON; PANS; Pansophic; Pantone; PAP; Paper Feed Control Character; papermail; paper-net; paper tape; paraconsistent probability; PARADE; PARADIGM PLUS; Paradigms of AI Programming; Paradise; Paradox; Paradox Application Language; Paragon; Paralation; Paralation C; Paralation LISP; ParAlfl; Parallaxis; parallel; Parallel C; parallel computer; parallel computing; Parallel FORTH; Parallel Fortran; Parallel Haskell; parallelism; Parallel Pascal; parallel port; Parallel Presence Detect; parallel processing; parallel processor; parallel random-access machine; parallel reduction; Parallel Server Option; Parallel SML; Parallel Sysplex; Parallel Virtual Machine; param; parameter; parameter RAM; parametric polymorphism; paraML; paranoid programming; ParaSoft Corp; Parasol; PARC; ParcPlace Systems; parent; parentheses; parent message; parent process; Pari; Paris; parity; parity bit; parity error; Parkinson's Law of Data; Park-Miller; Parlance; Parlog; Parlog++; parm; PARMACS; ParMod; PARS; PARSEC; parser; parser generator; parsing; Parsley; Partial Differential Equation LANguage; partial equivalence relation; partial evaluation; partial function; partial key; partially ordered set; partial ordering; Partial Response Maximum Likelihood; partition; partitioned data set; PARTS; PARULEL; PASC; Pascal; Pascal-; Pascal-80; Pascal+CSP; Pascal-F; Pascal-FC; Pascal/L; Pascal-Linda; Pascal-m; Pascal-P; Pascal P4; Pascal Plus; Pascal/R; Pascal-S; Pascal-SC; pasos2; Pasqual; PASRO; PASSIM; passive matrix display; passphrase; password; Password Authentication Protocol; paste; pastie; PAT; patch; patch pumpkin; patch space; PATCHY; path; path coverage testing; pathname; pathname separator; pathological; Path Pascal; pathspec; pattern matching; pattern recognition; PAW; PAW++; payware; PB Cache; PBD; PBEM; PBM; PBX; PC; pC++; PC-1834; PC200; PC-7150; PCA; P-CAD; PC AT; PCB; PC Card; PCCTS; PCF; PCI; PCI bus; PCI Configuration Utility; PCI Mezzanine Card; PCI slot; PC-ism; PCjr; PCL; PCLIPS; PCM; PCMCIA; PCMIA; PCN; PC-NFS; P-code; PC Pursuit; PC-RT; PCS; PC-Scheme; PCS/Geneva; PC support; PC-TALK III; PCTE; PCTE+; PC-TILES; PCU; PC-ware; pcx; PD; PDA; PDC; PDC Prolog; PDEL; PDELAN; PDES; PDF; PDFTeX; PDH; PDIL; pdksh; PDL; PDL2; PDM; PDP; PDP-10; PDP-11; PDP-20; PDP-6; PDP-7; PDP Assembly Language; PDS; PDSA cycle; PDS/MaGen; PDU; PE; PeaceNet; peak envelope power; Peano arithmetic; PEARL; Pebble; Pebbleman; PEBCAK; PEBKAC; PECOS; Pedagogic Algorithmic Language; PEEK; PEEL; peephole optimisation; peer; peer-to-peer; Pegasus; PEIPA; PEM; PENCIL; pencil and paper; penis war; Pentium; Pentium 2; Pentium 3; Pentium II; Pentium III; Pentium II Xeon; Pentium Pro; peon; PeopleSoft; PEP; Pepper; PEPsy; PER; percent; Perceptional Adaptive Subband Coding; perceptron; percussive maintenance; perf; perfect programmer syndrome; PERFORM; periodic group; peripheral; Peripheral Component Interconnect; peripheral device; Peripheral Technology Group; Perl; Perl5; perl-byacc; Perl profiler; permanent link; Permanent Virtual Circuit; Permanent Virtual Connection; permission; permutation; perplexity; persistence; persistent; Persistent Functional Language; persistent memory; Personal Communication Network; Personal Communication Services; personal computer; Personal Computer Memory Card International Association; Personal Digital Assistant; Personal Identification Number; Personalized Array Translator; person of no account; perspective; PERT; pessimal; pessimising compiler; peta-; petabyte; petaflops; petdingo; Peter Chen; Petri net; PETSCII; PEX; pf; PFE; PFL; pfm; pForth; Pfortran; PFP; pg; PGA; PGA370; PGP; PH; phacker; phage; phase; phase alternating line; Phase Encoded; phase of the moon; phase space; phase-wrapping; PHIGS; Philips; Philips SCC68070; philosophy; phishing; PHOCUS; Phoenix; phone mail; Phonetastic; Phong shading; phosphor fatigue; photo CD; Photoshop; PHP; PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor; phreaking; physical; physical address; physical addressing; physical file; physical layer; physical memory; physical memory address; Physical Sequential; Physical Transport Network; Physics Analysis Workbench; PI; PIC; pi-calculus; Pick BASIC; PICL; pico-; picosecond; PICS; PICT; PicTeX; pictogram; pictograph; Pictorial Janus; picture; picture element; Picture Quality Scale; PID; pidgen+; PIE; pif; piggybacking; pig, run like a; PIGUI; PIL; PILE; PIL/I; PILOT; pilot error; Pilot European Image Processing Archive; PIM; PIN; PINBOL; Pine; pin feed; ping; ping command; ping-flood; pinging; ping-pong; Pin Grid Array; Pink-Shirt Book; pin-out; PIO mode; PIP; pipe; pipeline; pipeline break; Pipeline Burst Cache; pipelined; Pipelined Burst Cache; pipeline stall; pipelining; PIPEX Ltd.; piping; piracy; pirate; PIRL; pistol; PIT; PITA; pixel; pixmap; pizza box; PJPEG; pk; PKE; PKI; PKLITE; PKUNZIP; PKWARE, Inc.; PKZIP; pl; PL1; PL/1; PL-11; PL360; PL516; PL-6; PL.8; Pla; PLACE; PLAGO; plaid screen; PLAIN; plain ASCII; Plain Old Documentation; Plain Old Telephone Service; Plain Old Telephone System; plain TeX; plaintext; PLAN; Plan 9; Planet; plan file; PLANIT; Plankalk├╝l; PLANNER; Planner-73; PLANS; plants; PLASMA; Plastic Pin Grid Array; platform; Platform for Internet Content Selection; Platform Independent Graphical User Interface; platinum-iridium; Platon; PLAY; play by electronic mail; Playground; Play, Inc.; playpen; Playstation; playte; PLC; PL/C; PL Cornell; PLD; plenum cable; pleonasm; plesiochronous; Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy; Pleuk grammar development system; Plexus; PL/I; PL/I-FORMAC; pling; plingnet; PLisp; PL/I SUBSET; PL/I Subset G; PLITS; PLL; PL/M; PLMK; plokta; plonk; plotter; PL/P; PL/PROPHET; PL/S; PL/Seq; PL/SQL; PLTL; plug and play; plug and pray; Plug Compatible Manufacturer; Pluggable Authentication Module; plugh; plug-in; PLUM; Plumber; plumbing; Plural EuLisp; PLUS; PLUSS; ply; PM; pm2; P-mail; PMBX; PMC; PML; PMP; pn; pnambic; PNG; PNP; PNU-Prolog; POA; PoB; POC; POCAL; pocket calculator; pocket computer; pod; P.O.D.; POE; POFAC; POGO; point; point-and-drool interface; point-and-grunt interface; pointed domain; pointer; pointer swizzling; pointing device; pointing stick; Point Of Contact; point of presence; point of sale terminal; Point-to-Point Protocol; Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM; Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet; Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol; Poisson distribution; POJO; poke; Polka; poll; polling; Poly; polygon pusher; POLYGOTH; polylithism; Poly/ML; polymorphic; polymorphic lambda-calculus; polymorphism; polynomial; polynomial-time; polynomial-time algorithm; polyvinyl chloride; POM; Ponder; Pong; POOL; POOL2; POOL-I; POOL-T; POP; POP++; POP-1; POP-10; Pop-11; POP-2; POP3; POP-9X; POPART; POPCORN; pop-down menu; POPJ; Poplar; POPLER; POPLOG; POPLOG ML; POP server; PopTalk; porn; porno; pornography; port; portability; portable; Portable AIRTIME; Portable Commodore 64; Portable Common Loops; Portable Common Tool Environment; portable computer; Portable Document Format; Portable Forth Environment; Portable Network Graphics; Portable Object Adapter; Portable Operating System Interface; Portable Pixmap; Portable Scheme Debugger; Portable Scheme Interpreter; Portable Standard Lisp; Portable Tool Interface; Port Address Translation; PORTAL; porting; Port Language; portmapper; port number; POS; POSE; poset; positional representation; POSIX; POST; postcardware; posted write-through; Postel, Jon; postfix notation; postfix syntax; POSTGRES; PostgreSQL; posting; postmaster; post office problem; Post Office Protocol; post-order traversal; POSTQUEL; PostScript; Postscript point; Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration; POSYBL; potential difference; POTS; pound; pound on; pound sign; POWER; PowerBuilder; power cycle; powerdomain; PowerFuL; power hit; Power Mac; Power Macintosh; power-on self-test; PowerOpen; PowerOpen Association; PowerOpen Environment; PowerPC; PowerPC 601; PowerPC G3; PowerPC Platform; PowerPC Reference Platform; Powerpoint; power save mode; powerset; Powersoft Corporation; power supply; power supply unit; PP96; PPC; PPCP; PPD; PPGA; PPL; PPLambda; PPM; PPN; PPP; PPPoA; PPPoE; P-Prolog; PPTP; PQS; PR; pr0n; PRA; pragma; PRAM; Praxis Critical Systems; pre\box; PRE-CC; PRECCX; precedence; precedence lossage; precharge; precision; predecessor; predicate calculus; predicate logic; predict; predomain; pre-emptive multitasking; prefetch; prefix; prefix notation; prefix syntax; pre-order; pre-order traversal; PREP; prepaging; prepend; preprocessor; pre-sales support rep; presence detect; presentation layer; Presentation Manager; prestidigitization; PRESTO; Pretty Amazing New Stuff; Pretty Good Privacy; pretty pictures; prettyprint; pretzel key; preventive maintenance; PRI; primary cache; Primary Domain Controller; primary key; primary management domain; Primary Rate Interface; primary storage; Prime Computer; Primenet, Inc.; prime number theorem; prime time; primitive; Princeton University; principal type; PRINT; printed circuit board; printer; Printer Access Protocol; printer port; printf; PRINT I; printing discussion; print server; Print Services Facility; priority inheritance; priority interrupt; priority inversion; priority queue; priority scheduling; PRISM; Prisoner of Bill; privacy; Privacy Enhanced Mail; Private Automatic Branch eXchange; Private Branch Exchange; private key; private-key cryptography; Private Manual Branch eXchange; privileged instruction; PRL; PRMD; PRML; probabilistic; probabilistic automaton; Probe; problem state; PROC; procedural; procedural language; Procedural Language/SQL; procedure; proceedings; process; Process and Experiment Automation Real-Time Language; process data; Process Design Language 2; process ID; process identifier; processing; processor; Processor Direct Slot; processor farm; processor time; process scheduling; process table; PROCOL; Procomm; Procrustean string; Prodigy; ProDoc; product; production system; Professional Graphics Adapter; Professional Office System; professional programming; professional services; PROFILE; PROFS; PROGENY; proglet; program; Program Composition Notation; program counter; Program Design Language; Program Evaluation and Review Technique; Program Information File; Programmable Airline Reservation System; Programmable Array Logic; Programmable Interrupt Controller; Programmable Logic Controller; Programmable Read-Only Memory; Programmed Data Processor; PROgrammed Graph REwriting Systems; programmer; Programmer Brain Damage; Programmer's Cheer; Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System; PROgrammer's Microapplication Language; Programmer's Switch; programming; programming fluid; programming language; Programming Language/Cornell; Programming Language/Systems; Program Temporary Fix; program transformation; Prograph; PROGRES; progressive coding; Progressive JPEG; progressive/sequential coding; PROJECT; project assurance; Project Athena; Project Guardian; projection; projective plane; Project MAC; project management; project planning; Prolog; Prolog++; Prolog-2; Prolog-D-Linda; Prolog-II; Prolog-III; Prolog-Linda; Prolog/Mali; PROM; PROMAL; Prometheus; promiscuous mode; PROM monitor; pron; Pronet; Pronunciation; proof; PROOF/L; proof theory; propeller head; propeller key; Proposal Writing; proposition; propositional calculus; propositional logic; Proposition of a Language Useable for Structured Specifications; proprietary; PROSE; ProSet; PROSPER; Prospero; ProTalk; protected mode; PROTEUS; protocal; protocol; protocol analyser; protocol converter; Protocol Data Unit; protocol layer; protocol stack; PROTON; Protosynthex; Prototyper; prototyping; provably difficult; provably unsolvable; provider; provocative maintenance; prowler; proxy; proxy ARP; proxy gateway; Proxy Server; PS; PS1; PS2; PS/2; PS 440; PSA; PS-ALGOL; pSather; PSD; PSDN; pseudo; Pseudocode; pseudoprime; pseudorandom number; PseudoScheme; pseudosuit; pseudo-tty; PSF; PSI; Psion Organiser; PSK; PSL; PSL/PSA; PSML; PSN; PSO; PSTN; PSU; psychedelicware; psyton; pt; P-TAC; ptc; PTF; Pthreads; PTI; PTN; Ptolemy; PTT; PUB; pubic directory; public domain; public domain software; public-key cryptography; Public-Key Cryptography Standards; public-key encryption; Public Key Infrastructure; Public Switched Telephone Network; puff; PUFFT; pull; pull-down list; pull-down menu; pull media; Pulse Code Modulation; pumpkin; pumpkineer; pumpking; punch card; punched card; punt; Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set; Purdue University; pure functional language; pure lambda-calculus; PureLink; Pure Lisp; purely functional language; Purify; Purple Book; purple wire; Purveyor; push; push-button; Push Down List; push media; PVC; PVM; PV-WAVE; pw; PWM; py; Pythagoras; Pythagoras's Theorem; Pythagoras' Theorem; Pythagorean Theorem; Python;