C; C#; C*; C++; C+-; C+@; C-10; C1 security; c2man; C2 security; c386; C5; C64; c68; CA; cable modem; cache; cache block; cache coherency; cache conflict; cache consistency; cache hit; cache line; cache memory; cache miss; Cache On A STick; caching; CACI; CACM; CAD; CAD/CAM; CADD; Cadence Design Systems; CADET; CADRE; CAE; CAF; CAFE; CAGE; CAI; Cairo; CAIS; CAIS-A; CAiSE; CAJOLE; CAL; Calc; calculator; Calculus of Communicating Systems; Calendar API; Calendar Application Programming Interface; Caliban; Calico; California State University San Marcos; callback; call-by-name; call-by-need; call-by-reference; call-by-value; call-by-value-result; call/cc; callee; Caller ID; calling convention; Call-Level Interface; Call Unix; Callware; call-with-current-continuation; CALS; Caltech Intermediate Form; CAM; CAM-6; CAMAL; Cambridge Lisp; Camelot Library; camera ready; CAMIL; CAML; Caml Light; CAM-PC; Campus Wide Information System; CAN; Canada; Cancel; Cancelbunny; Cancelm00se; Cancelmoose; Cancelpoodle; candidate key; Candle; candygrammar; canonical; Canonical Encoding Rules; canonical name; canonicity; C (ANSI); can't happen; Cantor; CAP; Capabilities Maturity Model; capability; Capability Maturity Model; capacitor; capacity; CAPI; Cap'n Crunch; Captain Abstraction; Captain Crunch; card; Cardbox for Windows; Cardbus; card creep ; cardinality; cardinal number; CARDS; card walloper; Career Limiting Move; caret; careware; cargo cult programming; Caribou CodeWorks; Carl Friedrich Gauss; Carnegie Mellon University; carpal tunnel syndrome; Carriage Return; Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation; carrier scanner; carrier signal; Cartesian coordinates; Cartesian product; CAS; CAS 8051 Assembler; cascade; Cascading Style Sheets; CASE; case and paste; case based reasoning; CASE Data Interchange Format; CASE framework; case insensitive; Case Integration Services; CASE*Method; case sensitive; case sensitivity; CASE SOAP III; case statement; CASE tools; cashe; CAST; casters-up mode; casting the runes; CAT; Cat 3; Cat 5; catatonic; CATE; Categorical Abstract Machine Language; category; Category 3; Category 5; CA-Telon; cathode ray tube; CATIA; cationic cocktail; C/ATLAS; CATNIP; CATO; Cauchy sequence; cause-effect graphing; CAV; Cayenne Software; CAYLEY; cb; CBASIC; CBBS; C-BC; CBD; C Beautifier; CBIR; CBN; CBR; CBT; CBV; cbw; cc; CC++; C/C++; CCalc; CCD; CCIRN; CCITT; CCITT HIgh-Level Language; CCL; CCLU; ccmail; cc:mail; CCP; CCR; CCS; CCSP; CCTA; CD; CDA; CD burner; CDC; CDC 6600; CDDI; CDD/Plus; CDE; CDF; CD-i; CDIF; CDL; CDM; CDMA; CDP1802; CDPD; CDR; CD-R; CD-Read-Write; CD-Rewritable; CD-ROM; CD-ROM drive; CD-RW; CDS; cd tilde; CDW; CE; Cecil; Cedar; CEEMAC+; CEI-PACT; Celeron; CELIP; cell; Cellang; CELLAS; Cello; cell reference; CELLSIM; CEll Space Simulation Language; Cellular; cellular automata; cellular automaton; Cellular Digital Packet Data; cellular multiprocessing; Cellular Neural Network; CELP; CEN; CENELEC; centi-call second; central office; Central office exchange service; central processing unit; Centrex; Centronics; Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica; centum call second; century meltdown; cepstra; cepstrum; CEPT; CER; Ceramic Pin Grid Array; Ceres workstation Oberon System; Cerf, Vint; CERN; CERNLIB; CERT; Certificate Authority; CESP; CESSL; cextract; cf; CFD; CFML; cforth; cfortran.h; CFP; CFP92; cg; CGA; CGGL; CGI; cgi-bin; CGI Joe; CGI program; CGI script; CGM; CGOL; cgram; Ch; chad; chad box; Chadless keypunch; chain; Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol; Chalmers University of Technology; change management; changeover; channel; channel associated signaling; channel hopping; channel op; channel service unit; channel service unit/data service unit; chan op; chaos; CHAP; char; character; character encoding; character encoding scheme; character graphics; characteristic function; character key; character repertoire; character set; character set identifier; charge-coupled device; CHARITY; charityware; Charles Babbage; Charles Simonyi; CHARM; CHARM++; Charme; CHARYBDIS; chase pointers; CHASM; chat; chatbot; chat room; chatterbot; CHeap ASseMbler; cheapernet; checkdigit; Checkout Test language; checkpoint; checksum; chemist; Chen; CHEOPS; Chernobyl packet; chess; CHI; Chicago; chicken head; chicklet keyboard; chiclet keyboard; Chief Information Officer; child; child process; child record; child version; CHILI; CHILL; Chimera; chine nual; Chinese Army technique; CHIP; CHIP-48; CHIP-8; chip art; chip box; chip creep; chip graffiti; Chip Jewelry; Chip Scale Packaging; chip set; Chips & Technologies; CHISEL; chm; chmod; CHOCS; choke; chomp; CHOP; Chorus; Christmas tree; Christmas tree packet; Christopher Strachey; chromatic number; chrome; chroot; CHRP; chug; chunker; Church, Alonzo; Church integer; Church of the SubGenius; Church-Rosser Theorem; ci; CI$; CICERO; Cichlid; CICS; CID; CIDR; CIEL; CIF; CIFS; Cigale; CIL; CIM; CIMS PL/I; Cinderella Book; CINT92; C-Interp; CIO; ciphertext; CIP-L; CIP Language; CIR; CIRCAL; circuit; CIRcuit CALculus; circuit switch; circuit switched; circuit switching; circular buffer; Cirrus Logic; CIS; CISC; Cisco Systems, Inc.; CISI; CITRAN; CityScape; CIX; CJK; CJKV; ck; CL; CLAM; C Language Integrated Production System; Clarify; Clarion; Claris; CLASP; class; class hierarchy; classic; Classic-Ada; classical logic; Classic C; Classless Inter-Domain Routing; class library; class method; Class Oriented Ring Associated Language; Class-Relation Method; Clausal Language; clause; Clean; cleanroom; CLEAR; clear box testing; Clear Language for Expressing Orders; CLEO; CLHEP; CLI; CLiCC; click; client; client-server; client/server; Client-Server Analyst Programmer; client-server model; Client To Client Protocol; C++Linda; C-Linda; CLIP; clipboard; Clipper; CLIPS; clique; CLISP; Clive Sinclair; CLIX; CLM; CLNP; clobber; clock; clock frequency; clock rate; clock speed; clone; clone-and-hack coding; clonebot; CLOS; closed-box testing; closed set; closed term; Clos network; closure; closure conversion; Clover; clover key; CLP; CLP*; CLP(R); CLP(sigma*); CLR; CLtL1; CLtL2; CLU; clu2c; cluster; Cluster 86; clustergeeking; clustering; CLUT; CLV; CLX; CM; CMA; CMAY; CMC; CMGA; CMIP; CMIS; CML; CMM; CMOS; CMP; CMS; CMS-2; CMU; CMU CL; CMU Common Lisp; CMVC; CMYK; CMZ; cn; CNAME; CNC; CNET; CNI; CNN; CNR; CNRI; co; CO2; Coad/Yourdon; COALA; coalesced sum; Coalition for Networked Information; coarse grain; COAST; coax; coaxial cable; COBOL; COBOL-1961 Extended; COBOL fingers; COBRA; cobwebsite; Cocktail; cocktail shaker sort; CoCo; Cocol; Coco Language; Cocol/R; COCOMO; Coco/R; CODASYL; Codd's First Normal Form; Codd's reduction algorithm; code; Code 2.0; codebook; CODEC; CodeCenter; coded character set; Code Division Multiple Access; code division multiplexing; Code-Generator Generator Language; code grinder; code management; code police; code position; coder/decoder; codes; C-odeScript; code segment; code walk; codewalker; CODIL; codomain; coercion; COFF; COGENT; Cogent Prolog; Cognitech; cognitive architecture; COGO; Coherent Parallel C; COHESION; COIF; cokebottle; COLASL; COLD; cold boot; ColdFusion; ColdFusion Markup Language; COLD-K; COLINGO; collision; collision detection; collocation; co-location; colon; color; Color Graphics Adapter; color model; Colossus; colour; colour depth; colour look-up table; colour model; colour palette; Columbia AppleTalk Package; column; Column Address Strobe; COM; COMAL; combination; combinator; combinatory logic; Comdex; COME FROM; COMIS; COMIT; Comite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications; COMIT II; Comma; command; Command Control Processor; command interpreter; command key; command line interface; command-line interpreter; command line option; comma separated values; COMMEN; comment; comment out; commercial at; Commercial Internet eXchange; commercial off-the-shelf software; commercial software; Commercial Translator; Committed Data Rate; Committed Information Rate; comm mode; Commodore 1010; Commodore 128; Commodore 1541; Commodore 1570; Commodore 1571; Commodore 1581; Commodore 64; Commodore 64DX; Commodore 65; Commodore Business Machines; Commodore SX64; COMmon Algorithmic Language; Common Applications Environment; Common Applications Service Element; Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol; COmmon Business Oriented Language; common carrier; Common Command Set; Common Communication Services; Common Desktop Environment; Common ESP; Common Gateway Interface; Common Hardware Reference Platform; Common Information Model; Common Intermediate Format; Common Intermediate Language; Common Internet File System; Common-ISDN-API; Common ISDN Application Programming Interface; Common Lisp; Common LISP in Parallel; Common LISP Object System; CommonLoops; Common Management Information Protocol; Common Management Information Services; Common Object File Format; Common Object Model; Common Object Request Broker Architecture; Common Objects; Common Program Interface; Common User Access; Commonwealth Hackish; Communicating Functional Processes; Communicating Sequential Processes; Communication and Network Riser; Communications Decency Act; Communications of the ACM; communications port; Communications Server; communications software; communication system; Community of Massive Gaming Agency; COMNET; compact; Compact COBOL; Compact Disc; Compact Disc interactive; Compact Disc Read-Only Memory; Compact Disc Read-Write; Compact Disc Recordable; Compact Disc Rewritable; Compact Disc writer; compaction; compactness preserving; Compaq Computer Corporation; Compas Pascal; COMPASS; compatibility; compatible; Compatible Timesharing System; Compel; Competitive Access Provider; Compiled HTML; compiler; COmpiler and GENeralized Translator; compiler compiler; Compiler-Compiler; compiler jock; Compiler Language for Information Processing; Compiler Target Language; compile time; COMPL; complement; Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor; complementary nondeterministic polynomial; complete; complete graph; complete inference system; complete lattice; complete metric space; completeness; complete partial ordering; complete theory; complete unification; Complex Instruction Set Computer; complexity; complexity analysis; complexity class; complexity measure; complex number; complex programmable logic device; component; component architecture; component based development; Component Integration Laboratories; Component Object Model; com port; composite; composition; Compositional C++; Compound Document Architecture; compound key; COMPREHENSIVE; Comprehensive Perl Archive Network; Comprehensive TeX Archive Network; compress; Compressed SLIP; compressed video; compression; COMPROSL; Compu$erve; Compulink Information eXchange; CompuServe Corporation; CompuServe Information Service; Compusult Ltd.; computability theory; computable; Computational Adequacy Theorem; computational complexity; Computational Fluid Dynamics; computational geometry; computational learning; computational molecular biology; COMpute ParallEL; Computer; Computer Aided Design; Computer Aided Engineering; Computer-Aided Instruction; Computer-Aided Learning; Computer Aided Software Engineering; Computer-Aided Software Testing; Computer Aided Test Engineering; Computer Animation Movie Language; Computer-Assisted Learning; Computer-Assisted Software Engineering; Computer Associates International, Inc.; Computer-Based Training; computer bus; Computer Compiler; computer confetti; Computer Conservation Society; computer cookie; computer crime; Computer Design Language; computer dictionary; Computer Emergency Response Team; computer ethics; computer file; computer geek; computer-generated imagery; Computer Generation Incorporated; Computer Graphics Metafile; Computer Information File; Computer Integrated Manufacturing; computer language; Computer Language for AeronauticS and Programming; computer law; computer literacy; Computer Management Group of Australia; Computer Mediated Communication; computer nerd; computer network; Computer Output on Microfilm; Computer Output to Laser Disc; Computer Output to Laser Disk; Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility; computer program; Computer + Science NETwork; computer security; computer sex; Computer Software Configuration Item; Computer Supported Cooperative Work; Computer Telephone Integration; Computer Telephony; Computer Telephony Integration; computer virus; computer vision; compute server; computing; Computing Devices Canada Ltd.; computing dictionary; computron; Compuware Corporation; COMSL; COMTRAN; con; ConC; concatenate; concatenated key; concentrator; conceptualisation; Concert/C; ConCoord; concrete class; Concrete Data Structure; concrete syntax; CONCUR; concurrency; Concurrent C; Concurrent C++; Concurrent Clean; Concurrent CLU; Concurrent Constraint Programming; Concurrent Euclid; Concurrent LISP; Concurrent Massey Hope; Concurrent ML; Concurrent Oberon; Concurrent Object-Oriented C; Concurrent Object-Oriented Language; Concurrent Pascal; concurrent processing; Concurrent Prolog; Concurrent Scheme; ConcurrentSmalltalk; Concurrent SP/k; Concurrent Versions System; condela; condition out; condom; Conference On DAta SYstems Languages; Conferencing over IP; confidence test; CONFIG.SYS; configuraholic; configuration item; configuration management; configuration programming; configure; conflation; ConflictNet; congestion; CONIC; conjunction; Conjunctive Normal Form; connect; connected graph; connected subgraph; connectionless protocol; Connection Machine LISP; connection-oriented; connection-oriented network service; connective; connector conspiracy; CONNIVER; Co-NP; CONS; conservative evaluation; considered harmful; consistently complete; console; console jockey; Consortium for Lexical Research; constant angular velocity; constant applicative form; constant folding; Constantine/Yourdon; constant linear velocity; constant mapping; constraint; constraint functional programming; Constraint Handling In Prolog; ConstraintLisp; Constraint Logic Programming; CONSTRAINTS; constraint satisfaction; constructed type; constructive; Constructive Cost Model; constructive solid geometry; constructor; Consul; consultant; container class; content addressable memory; content-based information retrieval; Content Data Model; content-free; contention slot; context; context clash; COntext Dependent Information Language; context-free; context-sensitive menu; context switch; Contextually Communicating Sequential Processes; continental drift; continuation; Continuation Passing Style; continuations; continuous function; Continuous System Modeling Program; Continuous System Simulation Language; continuous wave; contraction; contract programmer; control; Control and Status Register; control bus; control-C; control code; control flow; control-G; Control Language; controller; control-O; Control Program; Control Program for Microcomputers; control-Q; control-S; control structure; control tty; control unit; conventional memory; converged network; Convergent Technologies; Convergent Technologies Operating System; Conversational LISP; Conversational Monitor System; converse; conversion to iteration; CONVERT; convert.f90; Convex Computer Corporation; convex hull; Conway, John Horton; Conway's Law; Conway's Life; cooC; cooccurrence matrix; cookbook; cooked mode; cookie; cookie bear; cookie file; cookie jar; cookie monster; cooky; COOL; COOL:Gen; Co-operative Development Environment; Cooperative Information System; cooperative multitasking; coordinate; Coordinated Universal Time; Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks; coordination language; copious free time; copper; Copper Distributed Data Interface; coprocessor; copy and paste; copybook; copybroke; copying garbage collection; copyleft; copy member; copy module; copy protection; copyright; copywronged; CORAL; CORAL 66; CORBA; CORBIE; CORC; core; core cancer; core dump; core gateway; Corel Corporation; core leak; Corel VENTURA; Core Protocol Stack; Core War; corge; Cornell List Processor; Cornell Theory Center; Cornell University; Coroutine Pascal; Corporation for National Research Initiatives; Corporation for Open Systems; Corporation for Research and Educational Networking; CORREGATE; Correlatives and Conversions; Cortex; CORTL; COS; COSE; COSINE; cosmic rays; COSS; cost control callback; Cost Driver Attribute; Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria; COTS; Cougar; cough and die; countable; countably many; counted; country code; coupling; Course Author Language; courseware; Coursewriter III; cowboy; COWSEL; CP; CPAN; CParaOps5; CPE; CPGA; CPI; CPL; CPLD; CPM; CP/M; cpo; cpp; cppp; C preprocessor; C Programmer's Disease; C-Prolog; cproto; CPS; CPSR; CPU; CPU Info Center; CPU time; CPU Wars; CR; cracker; cracking; crack root; crank; crapplet; CrApTeX; crash; crash and burn; crawler; crawling horror; Cray instability; crayola; crayola books; crayon; Cray Research, Inc.; CRC; creationism; creeping elegance; creeping featurism; creeping featuritis; C-Refine; CREN; CREW PRAM; crippleware; criptography; Crisis Software; CRISP; Crispy Critters; critical mass; critical section; CRL; CRLF; CRM; crock; cron; cross-assembler; cross-compiler; cross-platform; cross-post; cross software; CROSSTABS; crosstalk; CROW PRAM; CRT; crudware; cruft; crufted; cruft together; crumb; crunch; cruncha cruncha cruncha; crunchy; cryppie; crypt; cryptanalysis; Crypt Breakers Workbench; cryptography; cryptology; Crystal; CS-4; C-Scheme; CSCI; C/SCSC; CSCW; CSG; CSG-tree; csh; C sharp; C shell; CSID; C++SIM; CSK Corporation; CSK Software; CSL; CSLIP; CSM; CSMA/CD; CSMP; CSNET; CSO; CSP; CSP/80; CS/PCode; CSP/k; CS-Prolog; CSPS; CSP-S; CS/QCode; CSR; CSS; CSSA; CSS/II; CSSL; CSTools; CSU; CSU/DSU; CSV; CT; CTC; CTC++; CTCP; CTI; CTL; CTOS; ctrl; CTS; CTSS; CTY; CU; CUA; Cube; cubing; CUCH; Cuckoo's Egg; CUL; Culler-Fried System; CUPID; CUPL; curly bracket; current; curried function; currying; curseperl; curses; cursor; cursor dipped in X; CU-SeeMe; CUSI; cuspy; custom; Customer Information Control System; Customer Information Systems; Customer Interaction Software; Customer Relationship Management; CUT; cut and paste; cut a tape; cutover; cut-through switching; cv; CVS; CW; CWeb; CWI; CWIC; CWIS; C with Classes; cx; cxref; cy; Cy486SLC; cyber; cyberbunny; cyberchondriac; cybercrud; CyberGlove; cybernetics; cyberpunk; cyberrhea; cybersex; cyberspace; cyberspastic; cyber-squatting; CyberWand; CyberZine; CYBIL; Cyc; CYCL; cycle; cyclebabble; cycle crunch; cycle drought; cycle of reincarnation; cycle server; cyclic redundancy check; cyclic redundancy code; Cyclo; cyclomatic complexity; Cygnus Tcl Tools; cylinder; CypherText; Cyrix; Cyrix 6x86; cz;